8 things you should never wear to the gym

Things you should never wear to the gym

Things you should never wear to the gym

Hey, what’s up to you guys I’m gonna be talking about the 8 things you should never wear to the gym. Now mostly it’s not only do they look bad but there I say some of these might even be dangerous and can impede your workout because of course your main purpose when you go to the gym is for health reasons and to get your good workout.

So many guys go with the wrong equipment wrong gear that impedes them from reaching their fullest potential so Today I want to go over the things you should never wear to the gym so you who never make these horrible mistakes if that sounds interesting. What’s happened a number means I can’t tell you how many dudes at 5:00 in the morning when I go to the gym are wearing


men wearing a jeans tshirt and shoe

To work out but jeans are the worst gear you could win because it really impedes your range of motion it’s a very strict fabric sometimes it’s tight-fitting.

So if you’re gonna do anything with a lot of mobility like Dead Lift or Squatsit‘s gonna be super uncomfortable to the point that it couldn’t be in your performance.

2.100% of Cotton Clothes

he is wearing cotton clothes

Anything that’s a hundred percent cotton whether it’s your underwear or your pants or your shirt, cotton is your worst enemy when you go to the gym, because it absorbs all the Sweat and it does not dry very quickly. which means you’re just gonna be a soaking wet mess by the end of your workouts.

And sweaty wet clothing can lead to skin irritation not to mention that the stench tends to stick more to cotton clothing again this is why it’s so important to wear clothing that’s made for the gym. like this one from our sponsor grant AC, there’s one of my favorite clothing brands. when it comes to activewear. Because it’s designed for the guy that’s active the guy that goes to the gym the guy that wants to feel comfortable they call it premium athleisure

3. Crocs

wearing crocs

Crocs, you should never wear to the gym. Crocs it’s just not safe when you go to the gym it’s all about functionality and staying safe and I see so many People wearing Crocs or even worse this is I’m sure you’ve probably.

Even seen this dude wearing socks and slides the fact that you would even try to squat in this it’s concerning forget the fact that you look unstylish and it looks bad this is a hazard like you literally will get injured if you go to the gym wearing Crocs or slide make sure you’re wearing proper footwear whether it’s for weight lifting or some sort of cross-training sneaker that you can use for running or for weight lifting a personal favorite of mine that I use all the time is icon threes from Nike this is a great option.

4. for any type of

man wearing a shirt

work clothes go to the gym in the morning notice how many guys are in there with their work clothes either in jeans and a shirt or their company uniform or even in scrubs if they’re nurses I’ve seen it all why would you do that like I said, first of all, that clothing was not made for these.

it’s not gonna be functional for you but most importantly you’re gonna start sweating that’s wet even if it’s not excessive it’s gonna start breeding bacteria we’re just gonna start stinky and then you’re gonna go to work like that I don’t think I need to explain myself don’t worry your work clothes to the gym

5. Act Spray

Act spray

This is almost standard go to the gym locker room this is what you’re gonna be smelling all the time. If you going for the workout in gym spray things you should avoid it will irritate others as well.

6. Jewelry

Jewelry bangle earings things you should not wear to the gym

People should never wear to the gym, jewelry is not only unnecessary at the gym but it also unsafe anything from earrings rings necklaces or bracelets can all easily get caught in machinery and be a hazard it can also impede your range of motion.

I can’t tell you how many times I’d go to the gym and I’ll see a guy with a full-blown out a watch that’s a regular dress watch working out at the gym these chunky watches can easily impede your range of motion say you’re doing any pressing they could cause a lot of discomfort and pain in your wrist.

it’s unnecessary which is why you shouldn’t be wearing your jewelry to the gym this is why when you wear sports watches you’ll notice they’re a lot thinner and more low-profile so this doesn’t become an issue. regardless why are you gonna wear your bling to go weight lift doesn’t make sense that’s basically it for today’s video guys I hope you enjoyed it if you did don’t forget to drop us a like down below also don’t forget to check out our sponsor the Menlo Club that’s it for me today see you next time.


she is wearing sandals

Working out may require you to run or walk a long time, it may also entail lifting heavy loads of weight. Inadequate foot support that you can get with inappropriate footwear, like poor performance shoes, and of course sandals, can lead to foot and ankle fractures, especially when you are engaged in work out exercises.

There are just things that you just can’t give a particular setting, and there is just some footwear that you can’t wear when you are working out. The effectiveness of your workout will all amount to nothing if you will come up with injuries, most particularly those that can be avoided with just wearing appropriate footwear. Let the above conditions serve as warning why you should not workout wearing sandals.


wearing footwear

Things you should never wear to the gym, you should avoid footwear which will be uncomfortable in doing exercise. Wearing appropriate footwear actually reduces your risk of injury and improves your physical performance.

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