Top 12 Best Gyms in Indiranagar Bangalore

Best gyms In Indiranagar

Bangalore being the IT Sector of India, usually keeps people busy with work. Some people prefer to catch a movie or dinner with friends, while some prefer to sleep off and prepare for the next day. Well, in spite of their busy schedules, some people prefer to work out and exercise at whatever time they get. Be it an early morning work out to keep you energized through the day or an after office stint at the Gyms in Indiranagar to get that peaceful sleep, people nowadays are more inclined towards keeping fit and healthy.

Indiranagar is known for the pubs and clubs in the area. To compensate for the effects of eating and drinking outside, the Gyms in the area are doing a great job of balancing out. With so many options for fitness and health clubs around, let us take you through the list of Best Gyms in Indiranagar for the Fitness freak in you!

Top 10 Best Gyms in Indiranagar Bangalore

1. Snap Fitness

Snap fitness gyms in Indiranagar

Snap Fitness has centers in approximately 1450 locations spread across 24 countries. They provide nutritional counseling along with programs such as Top-Notch, personal training programs, cardio, weight, cross-fit, etc. making them one of the global leaders in the fitness industry and best gyms in Indiranagar.

2.Gold’s Gym

Gold's Gym near Indiranagar

Gold’s Gym is an award-winning international fitness center in Indiranagar. They offer a variety of cardio and strength training equipment along with group exercise programs. Gold’s Gym has more than 700 locations worldwide. Taking personal training from Mr.Shaan has proved very effective and the results are really good. If you’re looking for weight loss or body toning or just a good gym near you to work out at. This is the place for you.

Gold’s Gyms in Indiranagar Membership will start from – 1year @ Rs.14999/

3. Fit Fit

Fit fit gym in Indiranagar Bangalore

Creed Fit has made a big name in the fitness industry with its diversity in training methods. Bangalore best gyms in Indiranagar, they train you in various fitness activities like boxing, Zumba, sports conditioning, high-intensity exercise in addition to general exercise. He currently has around 77 gyms centers in Bangalore.

4. Volt Fitness Club

Volt fitness center in Indiranagar

Volt Fitness Club is one of the premier best gyms in Indiranagar. Filled with various fitness programs such as kickboxing, Zumba, cross-fit, kettle ball workouts, TRX and more, Walt Fitness Club has a program for everyone. They also have some very experienced trainers who ensure that you achieve your fitness goals.

The equipment is well maintained and kept clean and hygienic. It has been a rewarding experience so far. The workout sessions are customized according to each individual.

Volt Fitness Club membership+Group activities start from 1year @ 29999

5. Fit and Free

Fit and free gym in Indiranagar

This premium gym and fitness center in Indiranagar offer training with the help of Hot Power Yoga, Aerobics and Foot Spa. Along with general gym activities, he also has dance aerobics and Zumba.

Recommended for beginners and intermediate trainers. Really friendly trainers. Good aesthetics. Sometimes crowded. But you’ll have a space to do your workout.

Gym membership starts from 1year @ Rs.9999

6. Steve’s Gym

Steve gym near Indiranagar

Steve’s Gym is one of the oldest gyms and fitness centers in Bangalore. The gym began as a fitness equipment manufacturer and still produces jazz, treadmills, home-gyms, roller m / s, dumbbells, barbells that can be found in gyms around the country.

7.OneUp Fitness

One plus fitness near Indiranagar

OneUp Health believes in the concept of total health management gyms in Indiranagar. They provide services in 3 main areas, health, healthcare, and wellbeing. They also provide the best class gym and professional trainers

Gym membership starts from 9month @ Rs.15500

8. Realm Fitness Fight Club Gym

Fitness club in Indiranagar

Realm Fitness Fight Club is not your normal neighborhood gyms near Indiranagar. It is much more than that. Realm Fitness Fight Club specializes in MMA training with gyms and cross-fit. If the hardcore fight is in you, then this is the right place for you.

Address: Premises No- 1132 4th Floor 100 Feet Rd Near Sony Centre Signal, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

9. Physio Fit Fitness

Gym equipment In Indiranagar

It’s an awesome gyms in Indiranagar for all age groups who care about their fitness or have undergone any type of surgeries or injuries.

Best place to get your fitness back on track. Physio fit combines traditional workouts with fitness rehabilitation and nutrition with physiotherapy and develops an all-inclusive approach to achieving your fitness goals. All their fitness equipment is of global standard and bio-mechanically designed.

Address: # 30, 80 Feet Rd, Hal, HAL 3rd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka

10. DP Dynamic Gym

Dynamic Gyms in Indiranagar

DP Dynamic Gym near Indiranagar provides you with good facilities and well-trained trainers. They combine aerobics with stretching and strength training routines with the goal of improving all elements of fitness.

11. High Spirits CrossFit

cross fit gym

There is a high spirit gym as well as a fitness center focused on cross fit. They focus on various aspects of fitness such as strength, power, endurance, stamina, speed, agility, balance, and Pliability.

A well planned Crossfit box, one of the best gyms in Indiranagar Bangalore! The trainers are passionate about your fitness journey as much as you are. The correct form takes precedence over the amount of weight one lifts. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, the programming is structured to suit you. Extra points for overall box cleanliness & hygiene.

Address: 4th floor, 2986, 12th Main Rd, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

12. Balancing the mountaineering station

climbing on wall

If climbing is your hobby, then this is the gym near Indiranagar for you. Equilibrium is a world-class indoor climbing gym, which has the largest indoor climbing facility in India. You’ll find first-timers, amateurs, and all the experts climbing under one roof. With careful winding events for every type of climber, Equilibrium is the place to join if you want to do some serious climbing.

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