TOP 20 Best Gyms In Koramangala Bangalore

Gyms In Koramangala

Life in Bangalore has changed a lot in the past some years. From being a laid back, peaceful and green city, Bangalore now is a bustling busy metropolitan city. The majority of the crowd in Bangalore are IT, folks and students.

This generation believes in keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. so we have bought the top 20 best gyms in Koramangala Bangalore because Research has shown us that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. A balanced diet paired with regular exercise is essential to maintain a healthy body.

Koramangala is one of the upscale localities in Bangalore. It is the hub for many of the best eateries, pubs, clubs, cafes in all of Bangalore. Most importantly, many of the youngsters and IT crowd prefer to live in the Koramangala area due to the greenery and residential feel it provides.

Slowly but steadily, people are learning the importance of keeping fit in their busy lifestyles like the one in Bangalore. Koramangala provides you with a lot of options for gyms, Fitness clubs, Health clubs, etc. spread all over the area.

After doing some research, we have come up with a list of the best gyms in Koramangala for the fitness freak in you. Let’s take a look! so here are

top 20 best gyms in koramangala

TOP 20 Best Gyms In Koramangala Bangalore

1.Fitness Cafe 24/7

Fitness Cafe 24/7 is a modern health club in Koramangala. It provides one of the best gyms in Bangalore, strength, cardio, and flexibility equipment along with expert trainers.

 The training programs are curated individually for every customer based on their requirements.

Best value for money gyms in Koramangala.

Address: Builders Avg Club, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560047

2. Snap Fitness Koramangala

Snap Fitness is one of the global leaders in the fitness industry. They have centers in around 1450 locations spread over 24 countries.

Snap fitness Koramangala is the perfect place for gymming and the environment and surrounding attractions.

They provide top-of-the-line equipment, personal training programs, nutrition counseling along with programs in Cardio, Weight, Cross-fit, etc.

3.Iconic fitness Koramangala

Iconic fitness is one of the best gyms in Koramangala, open every day good equipment, clean and changing rooms washroom.

Iconic Fitness located in Koramangala provides good quality cardio, weights, and strength training equipment. Their programs include Zumba, Aerobics, Kick Boxing, TRX training.

Address: #43, 5th A Main Rd, Near Wipro Park, 1st Block Koramangala.

3. O2 The Fitness Kormangala

O2 The Fitness – With all modern and world-class equipment for Cardio, Strength, Free weights, O2 The Fitness gym has made a name for itself in the fitness industry. With a team of well trained and knowledgeable trainers to help you, this gym provides you with individual assistance. They also are active promoters of the Go Green initiative.

4.  Aero Fitness Centre -Koramangala

Aero Fitness Centre provides training in MMA, Aerobics, and Gym. They have a great fleet of trainers who believe in variation in the classes. It is a very highly rated fitness center in terms of customer satisfaction.

5. You Against You Gym

You Against You is known for providing the finest of equipment and knowledge about fitness. The trainers are very well trained here and provide you with individual help and support


With fully qualified trainers, FiiTNESS PLUS is an affordable gym in Koramangala. They have good relationships with various health professionals like Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and massage therapists whom they engage as and when required by customers. 

7. Contours Women’s Fitness Studio Kormangala

Contours are the biggest chain of Women’s Only Gym. They have 11 centers in India and are a part of Contours Express, an international fitness chain. Circuit training, Body Toning, Group Workouts, and Cardio core are some of the fitness programs provided by them.


Goldstar Fitness is an ultra-modern Gym providing cardio and strength training. They have certified and experienced trainers and provide international standard equipment for all workouts.

9. Euro Fit Gym

Euro Fit Gym provides you with general weight training exercises, Cardio, Strenght training, and Aerobics. The trainers are good here and put extra effort to make you achieve your fitness goals.

10. Euro Fit Gym

TFD is a one-stop health club with expert trainers who provide unrivaled attention and support to all individuals. They provide all fitness programs like personal fitness programs, Calisthenics, Cross-fit, etc.

10.  The Body Works Gym

The Body Works Gym is one of the best-equipped gyms in Koramangala. Well-qualified trainers give individual guidance to all customers and help them achieve their goals. Noted for a high level of value, they are reputed for their service to their customers.

11. Hammers Fitness

Hammers fitness provides services like Cross-fit training, High intense interval training, TRX training, power yoga, etc. among others. They have a very good infrastructure set up with world-class equipment.

12. The Workouts

The Workouts is one of the elite fitness clubs in Bangalore. They provide programs like Cross-fit, Tabata, Sports conditioning, Power yoga, Zumba, etc. With experienced and knowledgeable trainers to help, nothing can stop you from achieving your fitness goals here.

13.  CULT 80 feet Road

Cult fit is a Bangalore based fitness startup that has revolutionized the face of Fitness in India. They train you in various fitness activities like Boxing, Zumba, Sports conditioning, High intense exercises in addition to the usual exercises.

14. Zeus Fitness Studio

Zeus fitness studio, Bangalore one of the best gyms in Koramangala. The gym management is very good now the old management was not maintained properly the new management has served the machine it’s working well thanks to the new management the trainers are also very good. Very spacious 2nd floor.

Address: #10, 1st Floor, KNI Layout Between Christ College & Forum Mall, Hosur Rd, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka

15. Sri Maruthi Fitness Core

Sri Maruthi fitness core offers you personal training, weight loss programs, here you find a qualified trainer who will support, you in bodybuilding and diet plan. Fitness core in Koramangala providing a facility like personal training, free parking, cardio.

Address: # 178/10, 3rd B Cross, 1st Floor, Venkatapura main road, 1st Block, Kormangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka

16. Fitness First India Pvt Ltd

fitness first India Pvt ltd, best gyms in Koramangala proving a facility like cardio equipment,

Strength training equipment, nutritional support. Well-qualified trainers give individual guidance to all customers and help them achieve their goals.

17. B Fit Gym – Koramangala

One of the best gyms in Koramangala for beginners as well as pro Athletes with almost all the equipment required for a perfect workout. Decent price on a quarterly basis and also the trainers are knowledgeable.

18. Dynatron Fitness Center

Dynatron Fitness Centre ia best gyms in Koramangala with providing good infrastructure and good quality of the machine. This gym has excellent trainers who will guide you.

Here you have to pay reasonable admission fees.

19. True Fit

True-Fit is awesome gyms in Koramangala with a great trainer. They keep track of your progress very closely and keep updating the work routine for maximum impact. The trainer is helpful and motivates you to do your best. They discuss and resolve any problems being faced physically.

20. Fitness One

Fitness one made out facilities, especially when it comes to a trainer’s best workout teacher who makes u fit and makes you capable to face a lazy and scrap lifestyle. A very sincere and capable trainer, he ensured to right techniques according to the age profile.

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